55 Glass - Glass Table Tops


Standard Diameter Standard Rectangular 42 diameter with 1 bevel

If you have a base made of cement columns, tubular steel, or something that is designed to hold a piece of glass on top of it, you will need a glass table top. Glass table tops are designed to hang over edges and span small distances with no support. We carry 55 stock glass table top sizes in three of the most common thicknesses: 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4".

3/8" should be the minimum thickness for a table top but we recommend using 1/2 for most table tops especially if there any dimension more than 42". 1/2 offers the strength you need with the good looks of thick glass and for a reasonable price. 3/8 is fine for smaller table tops. Use 3/4 if a very thick look is preferred but remember, the 3/4 price is almost 3 times the price of 1/2. Of course the decision is yours.  Our stock items are not tempered glass.

We can also custom fabricate table tops in all thicknesses up to 1".

Price lists for 3/8" & 1/2" table tops.

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