1. When will my order be ready once I’ve purchased it?
Most items will be ready for will call in 3-4 working days.

2. Why are your prices so low? Do you offer installation?
All we do is supply glass. We can offer limited advise, but we are not contractors, and we do not install glass. If you are unsure of what you need, you should contact a glass contractor for specific information. 

3. Why does glass have a greenish tint?
The greenish tint is typical of all glass in the furniture industry. It is caused by minerals in the manufacturing process. Even though it has a slight tint, it is known as clear glass. If less color is desired, low iron glass should be considered.

4. Do you offer quantity discounts?
Yes, just call or email us with your requests.

5. Do you make sizes (custom shapes) other than what are listed?
We can custom fabricate glass to your specifications, but you must supply us with an exact cut-out/template of the pattern in order for us to make it. Contact us to discuss what you need, and we will probably be able to make it for you.

6. What are your tolerances?
Please remember all our items may have a variance in the actual size ordered. In most cases the tolerance for 3/8" and 1/2" thick glass is + or – 1/4", and for 3/4" thick glass it is + or - 3/8". Custom fabricated glass tolerances are + or – 1/8".

7. Will the edges be sharp?
Generally no. Please refer to our edge chart for specifics about edges.

8. Will the corners be rounded?
All stock items have rounded corners. Generally it is the same radius as the thickness of the glass. For example, a 3/8" thick top will have a 3/8" radius corner. However, all custom made pieces will have square corners unless you specify differently.

9. What is tempered glass?
Tempering is a process that hardens the glass so that if it breaks it shatters into very small pieces. In some applications, such as for use in a bathroom, the glass must be tempered. Table tops are not generally tempered. It is your responsibility to know if tempering is required to meet codes.

10. Will you help me load my glass into my vehicle?
We will help load and secure the glass in your vehicle.  Make sure the sizes ordered will fit before coming down. Generally custom cut items are not wrapped, but stock table tops are packed in cardboard.

11.  Can delivery be arranged?
If the glass will not fit in your vehicle or it is too much for you to handle, local delivery is available on orders over $200. Delivery charges start at $65 but may be more depending on size, weight, and location.

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