How to Order

Our goal is to make things friendly and easy at 55 Glass supply in Los Angeles. If you have not ordered glass before, please read Glass Basics before calling 55 Glass for the first time.

If you have received a price from custom quotes or from one of our price lists,  call us at (800) 55-GLASS/(800) 554-5277 to place an order during the hours of 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Monday-Friday.  See our Directions page for will call hours and directions. Before you call, please read Glass Basics-the 4 things you should know to order glass.

We think talking to our customers is the best way for us to understand your glass supply needs and for you to get to know us better and feel comfortable giving us your business.  Any questions can usually be handled most efficiently over the phone so please give us a call.

Don't forget to view our Stock Table Top price list of 55 glass sizes and shapes to see if the item you need is a stock item. There are also price lists for custom cut items.  Prices are based on will call (delivery and taxes are not included).  We can also discuss special shapes, but you will need to get us a cut out/template of the exact size and shape you need. 

Thank you for your business.

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