55 Glass - Low Iron Glass

Clear glass (on left) Low iron glass (on right)

Low iron glass is a clear transparent glass that is almost tint-free. It has much less of the greenish tint than regular clear glass has. It is also known by the brand names of Starphire, Eurowhite, Opti White, or Diamante, and all are available at 55 Glass. Low iron glass is produced from higher quality grades of silica sand, which are almost free of iron oxides, and results in a stunning clarity to the glass. If clarity (or lack of color) is important, then low iron glass is recommended. It can be laminated and tempered and can be used virtually anywhere that regular glass can be used.

55 Glass can not guarantee the color of the edge Low Iron Glass will look like in the finished product. The fact is too many factors will impact the color of all Low Iron Glass. The most impotent factors that determine color is the size, thickness, and shape of the piece. But personal perception, surrounding colors, specific brands, and other factors will all effect and determine the color.

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